April 28, 2019

"Taste" by Tyga: Music Video Outfit ▷ Style Check!


yga's Style in "Taste"

Despite the less than encouraging critical reception his last album Kyoto received, Compton native Tyga managed to dominate the charts all throughout summer 2018, in no small part thanks to his hit single Taste.

While his full albums have so far failed to catch the attention, when Tyga jumps on a single it’s always going to be an entertaining one, and key to his entertainment is his ability to showcase every over the top and luxurious aspect of his Hollywood lifestyle.

The video for Taste follows Tyga’s recipe basically step by step: plenty of naked girls, expensive cars, luxury clothes, and a pool party on the Hills. Plus, it features guest appearances not only from his co-sign on this single, Migos’ own Offset, but also hip hop icons Wiz Khalifa and 2 Chainz. With these premises, we’re definitely in for a treat fashion-wise.

Outfit from the Music Video

0:02 - Tyga setting the mood for the video, showing off a pair of highly coveted Chanel sneakers. A pool party in the Hills is the perfect chance to pull out the Hawaiian shirt. The one worn by Tyga resembles this one by Paul Smith. Also a definite must have for pool parties, Tyga sports a pair of red shorts. Go a couple sizes bigger for his oversized look!

0023 Taste by Tyga
Official Music Video  (00:23)
Chanel White Orange Sneaker
Chanel White Orange CC Logo High Top Sneaker from poshmark.com
Orange Paul's Photo Print Shirt
Orange Paul's Photo Print Short Sleeve Shirt from paulsmith.com

Plaid Flannel Shirt

0:15 - The plaid flannel shirt is certainly among the few items that never go out of season, and as Tyga demonstrates here, it looks even better when paired with a sports car.

0015 Taste by Tyga
Official Music Video (00:15)
Men's Button Sleeve Shirt
Men's Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt from amazon.com

Kobe Jersey

0:31 - Tyga now paying homage to his hometown, rocking the classic Kobe jersey from his #8 days.

0032 Taste by Tyga
Official Music Video (00:32)
NIKE NBA LA LAKERS SWINGMAN from kicksmaniac.com

Shorts & Revenge X Storm "Flame" Sneakers

0:52 - The Compton rapper completes the look with a pair of Gucci shorts and the highly coveted Revenge X Storm “Flame” sneakers.

0059 Taste by Tyga
Official Music Video (00:59)
Black Logo Tape Shorts
Black Logo Tape Shorts from ssense.com
Revenge X Storm Low Top with Flames
Revenge X Storm Low Top with Flames from stockx.com

Short Sleeved Shirt

1:06 - More short sleeved shirts, make sure to stock up on them for the summertime! The one in this shot can be found here.

0107 Taste by Tyga
Official Music Video (01:07)
Saks Fifth Avenue Button down Shirt
Saks Fifth Avenue Button down Shirt from saksoff5th.com

Gucci Sunglasses

1:21 - It’s time for Offset, and he shows up in this pair of iconic Gucci sunglasses.

021 Taste by Tyga
Official Music Video (01:21)
Gucci Glasses “L’ Aveugle Par Amour”
Gucci Glasses “L’ Aveugle Par Amour” from shopbob.com

Leather Jacket & Pants with Black Tee

2:05 - Offset going for a classic all black look, but with a patent leather spin. He wears a patent leather jacket over leather pants, and a black tee to complete the fit.

0218 Taste by Tyga
Official Music Video (02:18)
Patent Faux-Leather Bomber Jacket
Patent Faux-Leather Bomber Jacket from lastcall.com
Genuine Leather Black Pants
Genuine Leather Black Pants from amazon.com
Basic Black T Shirt from Zara
Basic Black T Shirt from zara.com

Gucci Logo Hoodie

2:32 - More luxury from Tyga, now wearing the classic Gucci logo hoodie.

0232 Taste by Tyga
Official Music Video (02:32)
Grey Dragon Gucci Hoodie
Grey Dragon Gucci Hoodie from ssense.com

Nike Air Jordan 1

3:42 - One last major spot from this video, with Tyga now roller skating in a pair of Air Jordan 1 “Top 3”. Over the top.

0342 Taste by Tyga
Official Music Video (03:42)
Air Jordan 1 Retro Top 3
Air Jordan 1 Retro Top 3 from stockx.com

Style Conclusion

While Tyga and Offset did pull out a good number of items for this video, from a style point of view it does not come across as very surprising. The Tyga we’ve come to know over the years is exactly the one shown in this video: always wearing the freshest in-season clothes, and the more logos the better.

Personally, Offset wins it when it comes to pulling off the most interesting outfit in this one, with his full leather look which seems to be growing more and more popular across the hip hop scene as we speak.

Replicating the two rappers’ styles may not be the easiest for everyone: as they rely so heavily on branding, and wear the most expensive brands at the same time, fans of the duo may be disappointed when they find out the price tags on some of these pieces. Nonetheless, the video has certainly plenty of eyecandy for the hypebeasts out there!