April 5, 2019
Post Malone

"Wow." by Post Malone: Music Video Outfits ▷ Style Check!


ost Malone's Style in "Wow."

In his new music video, Post Malone raps about his successful and lavish life. The video was published in March 2019 and it already has over 30 million views. Some of the outfits in the video are iconic and very funky, so it’s our job to keep you in the loop. Keep reading and try to find your favorite outfit.

Outfits from the Music Video

In the beginning of the video, at 0:01 Post Malone is wearing a black hoodie ($75) and a black hat.($20) This is a very plain combination, similar to the clothes he usually wears when he is not performing.

Black hoodie with puff print detail

Trijicon black hat with red logo

At 0:32, he is wearing a turtleneck sweater ($208) and a peachy suit jacket. ($128) This is a normal suit, unlike the ones he wears on stage.

Slim-fit turtleneck black sweater

Peachy colored suit jacket

At 1:14, he is seen wearing an extravagant shirt that was custom made for him by the designer Catherine Hahn. She is the designer of his eccentric outfits, and they have been working together for years.

Custom fit pink shirt

At 1:19, we can see Post Malone wearing a black pullover ($158) and grey sweatpants ($35). He is dressed casually because he is rehearsing at the studio.

Crew neck sweater in knitted cotton

Sporty dark grey sweatpants

At 1:42, he is chilling with his friends, and he is dressed comfortably. He is once again wearing the black hoodie from his collection, camo pants ($74) and white slip-ons similar to these. ($50)

Green camo joggerpants

White slip-ons

At 2:31, he is again seen wearing a custom made suit by Catherine. She is his go-to designer for his stage performances.

Dark green suit

Style Conclusion

Post Malone is an eccentric character who loves to play around and act silly. When he is on the stage, his outfits are always intriguing and unusual. That is why he is so special and has a large fan base all around the world. When he is at the studio, he doesn’t care much about his wardrobe, but when he is performing he tries his best to keep his audience satisfied.


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