April 27, 2019
Machine Gun Kelly

"Habits" by Machine Gun Kelly: Music Video Outfit ▷ Style Check!


achine Gun Kelly's Style in "Habits"

Machine Gun Kelly’s video from 2017 is a combination of contemporary and old-fashioned.  It’s full of special effects but it was shot in the retro parts of the town. The song is about his struggle to stay sober. Some of the outfits he wore are very special and one-of-a-kind, so feel free to check them out in the article below.

Outfits from the Music Video

Official Music Video (0:14)

At 0:14, MGK appears in a white turtleneck sweater ($53) and orange jacket ($42). Some of the accessories are a silver necklace similar to this one ($22), and Ray-Ban glasses. ($210)  He likes to add a personal touch to his outfits by finding a perfect accessory.

White roll neck jumper
Orange men’s jacket
Wholesale sterling silver necklace
Ray-Ban sunglasses

Official Music Video (0:30)

At 0:30 he appears in a red print denim jacket ($220) and red jeans ($53) made of the same material. He is also wearing a plain black T-shirt ($35) and Off-white belt. ($376) It is not an easy task to make this paisley pattern look good.

Red print paisley denim jacket
Red denim jeans
Plain T-shirt in black
Off-white industrial belt

Official Music Video (1:15)

At 1:15, he is seen wearing a white hoodie ($35), orange sunglasses ($55) and skinny jeans. ($228) This is a great outfit for everyday walks around town.

White long sleeve oversized hoodie
Orange Ray Ban sunglasses
Skinny denim jeans

Official Music Video (1:32)

At 1:32 he is seen wearing a Kappa coat in color blue, similar to this one. ($169) Even though his coat is blue, the black one can also look great with the right accessories.

Kappa coat in black

Style Conclusion

Machine Gun Kelly is an artist that likes to speak his mind. That is what he is doing with his clothes. He tries to leave an impression with his outfits. He can easily transform from wearing casual, comfortable clothes to wearing formal attire and become a gentleman in no time. He is known for explicit lyrics, but his clothes aren’t that extravagant. He is very chill and that is the vibe his clothes give off.


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White roll neck jumper:

Orange men’s jacket:

Wholesale sterling silver necklace:

Ray-Ban sunglasses:

Red print paisley denim jacket:

Red denim jeans:

Plain T-shirt in black:

Off-white industrial belt:

White long sleeve oversized hoodie:

Orange polarized sunglasses:

Skinny denim jeans:

Kappa coat in black: