April 25, 2019

Contra by Logic: Music Video Style ▷ This is his Outfit!


ogic's Style in "Contra"

2018 has been without a doubt a big year for Logic, with the releases of Young Sinatra IV and Bobby Tarantino II. Contra is a single off the latter, which received an official video clip a few months after the release of the mixtape.

To those who follow Logic, the Contra video may come across as surprising. In the clip the rapper, who is usually known for his introspective music and humble ways, can be seen riding in a flashy BMW i8 while literally throwing away money, before burning a big stack of it.

Of course it would be a mistake to read this as a late attempt by Logic to embrace the “flex” lifestyle; it is rather a statement on his own newly-found fame, and his troubled origins. Metaphors aside the video, directed by his long time collaborator Mike Holland, definitely fits in with the frenetic entertaining vibe of the track.

Outfits from the Music Video

Keeping this in mind let’s take a look at what Logic wore for this video, and try to understand how it works into his overall aesthetic.

NFL CBS Sports Satin Jacket
Oversized t-shirt with San Francisco print in white

0:30 - Logic is riding in his aforementioned BMW. Here he sports a blue sports jacket, similar to this one, over a white T-Shirt with a graphic print. A simple yet well matched pairing.

Jordan 6 Retro Black Infrared (2019)

Black Jeans

0:48 - The rapper now sports a pair of Air Jordan 6 “Infrareds”, matched with black jeans. A choice that will certainly go down well with the sneakerheads.

Black Hoodie Plain


0:55 - The above look is completed with a plain black hoodie, and the Bobby Tarantino Letterman Jacket, from his own collection of merch.

Andy Warhol print sweatshirt

1:24 - Logic is now wearing a sweatshirt from the Calvin Klein x Andy Warhol collaboration. Unfortunately this one is currently sold out everywhere! But I invite you to check the rest of the collection for similar pieces.

Style Conclusion

As you can see this clip is far from being rich in style inspiration. Even at his peak flex Logic manages to stay humble, and he is definitely not the type to go for flashy, luxury brand names.

Quality over quantity is the motto here; the rapper stays true to himself in his style choices, going for understated matches. For instance, the only full outfit shown in the video, with the Air Jordans and the Bobby Tarantino letterman, is a perfect example of how you can wear all your blacks together and still keep it interesting. The sneakers and the jacket do the job of conveying his aesthetic, and that is all that is needed.

The most clever pairing is probably the one between his blue sports jacket, and his blue sports car. However this is one combination that may be hard to replicate for those who don’t have cash to literally burn, like the Bobby Tarantino rapper.


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NFL CBS Sports Satin Jacket:

Oversized t-shirt with San Francisco print in white:

Jordan 6 Retro Black Infrared (2019):

Black Jeans:

Black Hoodie Plain:


Andy Warhol print sweatshirt: