April 27, 2019
Lil Pump

"Be Like Me" by Lil Pump: Music Video Outfit ▷ Style Check!


il Pump's Style in "Be Like Me"

Lil Pump is an artist who is very popular among younger generations. This video has around 50 million views. He likes to live lavish and spend a lot of money, and that’s what he mostly portrays in his video. His outfits are crazy and fun. Let’s see if you want to be like Lil Pump!

Outfit from the Music Video

In the beginning, at 0:19 he wears red puffer jacket ($820), red jeans ($610), red sneakers  ($220) and a black belt. ($950) His style is young and fresh, and he likes to wear designer clothes.

Moncler “Acorus” padded jacket
Dsquared2 skarer skinny jeans
Air Jordan 5 Retro “Red Suede” sneakers

Gucci double G studded leather belt

At 0:59, he is spotted wearing a white leather jacket similar to this one (currently not for sale) and white jeans.($469) He paired this combination with a pair of white sneakers. ($1790) This combination is something he appears in quite often.

Off-white skinny jeans
Nike Air Presto sneakers

At 1:28, he showed up in a colorful bomber jacket ($1560), and regular denim jeans. ($1295) This is an outfit people his age usually wear, even though not as expensive as this is.

Colorful Prada bomber jacket
Balmain slim-fit destroyed jeans

At 1:43 he is standing outside with some zombies from the video wearing a turtleneck similar to this one ($605) , a baseball cap ($420) a brown belt ($395) and sneakers. ($950)  This outfit screams Fendi.

Prada Argyle pattern grey wool turtleneck sweater
Fendi baseball cap
Fendi logo print belt
Fendi chunky monogram runner sneakers

In the end of the video, we see him wearing a black T-shirt  ($702) and a turtleneck under. This is a great combination for the colder days even though he matched two different patterns.

Saint Laurent cotton polo shirt with crystals

Style Conclusion

When we look at the outfits, we see that he is still trying to find his style and that he is influenced a lot by the current Instagram trends. His clothes have to be expensive and the brand names or logos have to be visible. He earns a lot of money, so he is able to afford this type of lifestyle. He plays with patterns, designs and lengths of the clothing items, mixes them, and creates a style of his own.


Main Image:

Item Pictures:

Dsquared2 skarer skinny jeans:

Air Jordan 5 Retro “Red Suede” sneakers:

Gucci double G studded leather belt:

Off-white skinny jeans:

Nike Air Presto sneakers:

Colorful Prada bomber jacket:

Balmain slim-fit destroyed jeans:

Prada Argyle pattern grey wool turtleneck sweater:

Fendi baseball cap:

Fendi logo print belt:

Fendi chunky monogram runner sneakers:

Saint Laurent cotton polo shirt with crystals: