April 24, 2019
Jaden Smith

"A Calabasas Freestyle" by Jaden Smith ▷ Music Video Outfits


aden Smith Style in "A Calabasas Freestyle"

Jaden Smith is a young artist who stole the spotlight from his father Will Smith. He is recording amazing songs lately and he’s been more productive than ever. This song dropped in January 2019, and it has over 7 million views. It was a song from his debut album ‘Syre.’ All of the outfits are from his merch which goes by the same name ‘Syre’. Go ahead and see which combination you like the most.

Outfits from the Music Video

In the beginning of the video, Jaden is wearing a black beanie ($75), black T-shirt ($35), sweatpants ($60) from his collection, and a Batman pendant ($10) on his necklace. He is dressed casually, and this is a great way to promote his brand.

Black Supreme beanie
Syre black tour T-shirt
Black fleece vision sweatpants
Black Batman pendant on a silver necklace

At 1:03, he is again seen wearing items from his collection. This time, these are denim jacket, which isn’t on the official website but is similar to this one ($1580) he has worn on several occasions, black pants ($85), and a black T-shirt. ($180) He really spiced up this outfit with his denim jacket.

Supreme Monogram denim jacket
Vision Dickies pants:
Thrift Vintage T-shirt

At 2:06, he is spotted in a black hoodie ($60) from his collection, which he paired with white New Balance sneakers. ($189) Again, he is dressed very similarly to the first outfit, which is a casual but effective combination.

Long sleeve fleece hoodie in black
New Balance logo lace-up sneakers

Style Conclusion

Jaden is very special and innovative both in his music and his fashion designs. He has a website where he promotes his merchandise and brand. The designs are amazing and avant-garde, and really showcase his talent for fashion. Even though he is young, he is very detail-oriented and knows what he wants when it comes to his designs.

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New Balance logo lace-up sneakers:

Long sleeve fleece hoodie in black:

Thrift Vintage T-shirt:

Vision Dickies pants:

Supreme Monogram denim jacket:

Black Batman pendant on a silver necklace:

Black fleece vision sweatpants:

Syre black tour T-shirt:

Black Supreme beanie: