March 31, 2019
G Eazy

"West Coast" Music Video Outfits

G-Eazy is known for having a strong fashion sense. In his new music video ‘West Coast’ that dropped on Wednesday, along with three other rappers named Blueface, ALLBLACK and YG they rap about money and their rise to the fame. In this article, you can check out some of the clothing items they wore in the video.

At 0:35 G-Eazy is wearing his Oakland hat ($37.99) and a black The North Face jacket. ($299) This is a great combination for a casual day, when you choose comfort over style.

Oakland green and yellow hat
Oakland green and yellow hat

The North Face black puffer jacket

Here, you can see him showing off his PESOS hoodie ($100) and a regular black leather jacket ($219.10) His style is unique, fashionable, yet simple, so majority of the items can be worn every day.

PESOS black hoodie

Classic black leather jacket

In another video shot, G-Eazy is sitting on his Ferrari displaying his Puma track jacket ($70), track pants ($60) and sneakers.  ($86.77) This Puma inspired outfit is a great way to showcase his brand loyalty.

Iconic MCS Puma black track jacket

Iconic MCS Puma black track pants

Puma suede classic black sneakers

In one of the video scenes, Blueface is seen wearing his blue bulletproof vest, Burberry belt ($350), blue sneakers like these ($190) and jeans similar to these. ($39.99) Of course, this was an outfit for the video, and in private life, Blueface likes to dress sporty yet modern.

Classic Burberry belt

Air Jordan 5 “Laney” Sneakers

Hip-hop baggy denim jeans

Even though the quality of the picture is bad, in this video shot, a Yankee fan Blueface is wearing NY Yankees hoodie ($69.99) and track pants. ($45.69)

NY Yankees grey hoodie

NY Yankees track pants

In the next shot, rapper ALLBLACK can be seen wearing Portland jersey ($89) and a regular white long-sleeved shirt.  ($25) This look is somewhat inspired by the rap videos from 1990s.

Portland jersey

Plain white shirt

Here, both G-Eazy and ALLBLACK wear jackets ($275) from G-Eazy’s online store, which is a great way to promote the brand.

Varsity Jacket with leather sleeves

All in all, in the video, the combinations the rappers chose were comfortable and mostly focusing on the representation of the street style. This was a great opportunity for G-Eazy to promote his brand and designs, and the color of clothes G-Eazy chose for the video was predominantly black. The prices of the clothing pieces were affordable, and every item they chose was bold, allowing them to make a fashion statement.

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