April 26, 2019

"In My Feelings" by Drake: Music Video Outfit ▷ Style Check!


rake's Style in "In My Feelings"

Drake’s music video ‘In My Feelings’ has over 140 million views and was shot in New Orleans. In the video, Drake was dressed casually, since the video mostly shows him dancing and walking down the streets of New Orleans. Keep reading to see what are the outfits that he chose for this video.

Outfit from the Music Video

In the opening scenes of the video, he is seen wearing a Rattlers jersey ($89.99), black pants ($34) and plain white sneakers. ($220) He is an urban guy, who sometimes pays tributes to famous NBA teams.

Rattlers retro high school jersey
Slim-fit black pants
Air Jordan 5 retro sneakers in white

At 3:25, he is spotted wearing a vintage black T-shirt similar to this one ($22), orange camo pants ($55) and Nike sneakers. ($190) This is a modern look that took him only a few minutes to come up with.

Vintage T-shirt with a logo
Orange camo cargo pants
Nike Air VaporMax Plus sneakers

At 3:58 he is wearing black jeans ($399)  and a black polo shirt similar to this one. ($322) Black is a happy color, according to Drake!

Black denim jeans
Gucci men’s stripe sleeve polo shirt in black

At 5:16, Drake is wearing a black short sleeve hoodie similar to this one. ($25)  He is chilling with his friends, and is dressed casually.

Slim-fit black short sleeve zip-up hoodie with pockets

At 5:27 Drake is sitting on a bed in his OVO windbreaker jacket ($140) and his OVO windbreaker pants similar to these . ($19) These colors are Jamaica’s flag colors, so maybe this is his way of celebrating Jamaica, as well as New Orleans.

OVO Kingston windbreaker jacket in green, black and yellow
Black windbreaker pants

Style Conclusion

Drake has been getting more recognition over the years. With this song, he gained a lot of new fans. As far as his style is concerned, he is very fit so whatever he wears looks good on him. The outfits he usually chooses are casual, modern and stylish. He doesn’t seem to be following the trends, but dresses just as he likes.


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Rattlers retro high school jersey:

Slim-fit black pants:

Air Jordan 5 retro sneakers in white:

Vintage T-shirt with a logo:

Orange camo cargo pants:

Nike Air VaporMax Plus sneakers:

Black denim jeans:

Gucci men’s stripe sleeve polo shirt in black:

Slim-fit black short sleeve zip-up hoodie with pockets:

OVO Kingston windbreaker jacket in green, black and yellow:

Black windbreaker pants: