April 26, 2019
Chris Brown

"Undecided" by Chris Brown & Shanice ▷ Music Video Outfits


hris Brown's Style in "Undecided"

His new music video ‘Undecided’ dropped in January 2019. The song is about courting a woman. The famous singer and model Shanice (Serayah) appears in the video as his love interest, and they even kissed in the end. Some of the outfits he and she wore in the video are listed below, so keep reading to find out where you can find these clothing pieces.

Outfits from the Music Video

Scene from Official Music Video (1:01)

At the beginning of the video, at 1:01, Chris is wearing a  grey hoodie ($15), his shirt jacket ($37), a black hat similar to this one ($44),  black T-shirt ($23), and black pants similar to these ($350) paired with an Off-white belt. ($134) This is a casual outfit, nothing to eccentric like the next one he wore in the video.

Grey zip-up hoodie
Olive grey shirt jacket
Baseball cap
Black Ghostbusters T-shirt
Sharp end pants
Off-white belt
Official Music Video (2:33)

In the next shot, at 2:33, Chris is wearing a blue full puffy jacket ($118), a Bape vest ($289), a blue beanie ($17.50) , dark jeans ($17.99), and white sneakers. ($220) This outfit is very unusual, so it would definitely be a head-turner.

Blue zip taped placket puffy jacket
Bape vest
Undefeated icon beanie
Dark denim jeans

Official Music Video (3:34)

At 3:34 Chris and Serayah are dancing, and she is dressed casually and sporty. Serayah is wearing red  high waisted track pants ($398), red puffer jacket ($33) and red sneakers ($200). Underneath her jacket, she wore a puffer bra. ($388) This is an outfit where all eyes would be on her wherever she showed up.

Red high waisted track pants
Red cropped puffer jacket
Red Nike sneakers
Red puffer bra

Style Conclusion

Chris and Serayah’s outfits were a representation of the urban street style. There was a lot of movement and dance offs involved, so the outfits were comfortable and sporty. Brown’s sense of style developed through the years, since he became more modern and edgy. However, he stayed true to himself and his roots. He loves to wear accessories, especially beanies and hats, and every outfit becomes more stylish if vibrant colors or accessories are added. He is aware this, so he tries to add a personal touch to every outfit.