Behind the Project

We are the intersection of Fashion & Rap

Introducing A Magazine for Rap, Fashion & Style. is an online fashion magazine, presenting the clothes of famous rappers in their latest music videos. Founded in 2018, Rapperscloset aims to become the biggest intersection of Rap Music and fashion.

About the Founders: Richard Hopp, Roman Hopp & Ricardo Gorski

All three founders of have always been heavily influenced by rap. Soon after Richard, Roman & Ricardo realized their talent in digital marketing and their deep passion for rap music, they decided to start this online magazine.

Combining Rap & Fashion was a pretty obvious but smart move. Both industries are formed deeply by creativity; Both industries have huge upsides. Creating an online magazine combines the beauty of both.

As the rap and fashion industries grow, rapperscloset aims to become the driving force of both industries with amazing creative media creation around the online magazine.

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