April 26, 2019

"Nonchalant" By 6lack: Music Video Outfits ▷ Style by Rapperscloset!


lack's Style in "Nonchalant"

This creative video was a perfect vehicle for this young rapper to make a strong statement. It was published in August 2018. The song is great to listen to when you are in a relaxed mood. The director of the video is a good friend of 6LACK called Cole. In this article you can read more about the outfits and the clothing pieces he wore, so you can see which ones you like the most.

Outfit from the Music Video

At 0:21, he is seen wearing an oversized baby pink hoodie like this Adidas one ($90), Kappa sweatpants ($90) and black shoes. ($40) The accessories he chose for this outfit are a blue hat similar to this ($385), and grey fingerless gloves similar to these. ($9) He decided not to experiment much with the outfits, bur rather tone it down a bit.

Oversized baby pink hoodie
Kappa grey sweatpants with a black sidestripe
Black military boots
Balenciaga blue baseball cap
Fingerless grey fur gloves

The next outfit he appears in is again his grey Kappa sweatpants, black shoes, and a blue jacket similar to this one. ($220) Underneath the jacket, he put on a plain grey T-shirt. ($39) The outfits are similar, very casual and cozy and can be worn every day.

Blue and grey rain jacket
Cotton grey t-shirt

Style Conclusion

Even though he didn’t change his outfits much during the video, the video gives off a very simple vibe when it comes to the clothes and the overall atmosphere. It is artistic and minimal and that’s probably why he chose not to go over the top with his outfits. Here, it’s all about the music instead of catching the attention with extravagant or luxurious clothing items and jewellery. As I already mentioned, he didn’t experiment much or try to stand out, but let his music speak for itself.