April 26, 2019
2 Chainz

"Money In The Way" By 2Chainz: Music Video Outfit ▷ Style Check!


Chainz's Style in "Money in the Way"

The music video was published in March 2019. The entire video has a great storyline and is interesting to watch. It already has more than 5 million views. 2 Chainz is a trendsetter who likes to experiment with different clothing items. Let’s see how well  they are put together.

Outfits from the Music Video

At 0:23, 2 Chainz is seen in a maxi plus size green coat similar to this one, ($90), a red silk shirt ($1346)  and sunglasses similar to these. ($177) This is a very modern outfit which can often be seen on Instagram pictures.

Green maxi plus size teddy coat
Red silk Valentino shirt with drawstring
Brown oversized sunglasses

At 0:57 he is seen in a sequin bomber jacket ($5229) and similar sequin pants ($130) which he paired with white sneakers. ($1600) This was the most interesting outfit of the video.

Sequin blue bomber jacket
Blue sequin pants
Louis Vuitton trainer sneaker boot

In the next shot, at  1:03, he wears an interesting suit  ($4700). Underneath the jacket, he put on a turtleneck sweater.($33) and he paired it all with similar sunglasses. ($585) He likes to wear his sunglasses inside as a fashion statement.

Double breasted jacket & flared classic trousers
Black turtleneck sweater
Louis Vuitton orbit sunglasses

At 1:46, he is wearing a multicolor pullovers similar to this one ($1312), a scarf ($650) around his head and red trousers. ($967) This outfit is very creative as he likes to play with colors and patterns.

Brick road crewneck
Monogram RGB Stole
Red Louis Vuitton cigaret trousers

Style Conclusion

2 Chainz is a modern rapper that most young people listen to and look up to. His music is inspiring to many. When it comes to the clothes, he likes colorful outfits and vivid colors because that is how he unleashes his creative energy. He is hip to the music scene, but also likes to keep pace with the fashion.


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Green maxi plus size teddy coat:

Red silk Valentino shirt with drawstring:

Brown oversized sunglasses:

Sequin blue bomber jacket:

Blue sequin pants:

Louis Vuitton trainer sneaker boot:

Double breasted jacket & flared classic trousers:

Black turtleneck sweater:

Louis Vuitton orbit sunglasses:

Brick road crewneck:

Monogram RGB Stole:

Red Louis Vuitton cigaret trousers: